I love a big city!  I grew up in a medium/large sized city and have lived in many larger ones as well.  I love that anything you need is available in numerous places.  I love that there are great things like broadway theatre, concerts, malls, big sporting events and more in big cities.  I love a big city!

 But.......I adore a small town.  I find great delight in the community closeness that I experience in our small town.  I can go to my local hardware store and the employees there know me and know my latest project.  I can go to the local grocery store and almost always see a few people I know well and the checkout clerk notices when my normal protien drink supply is not in my cart.  I can go to the local shipping store and the people there know my kids and I know a bit about them as well.  I can be at a soccer game on any given Saturday morning and know parents on all fields surrounding us.  I can become good friends with someone who has taught and loved my child in school.  The list goes on and on..... 

Lucky for me, I live just 20 minutes from a large city so I get the best of both worlds!  Most people think that the drive that I take, sometimes daily, would be irritating.  It isn't at all.  It actually is this wonderful transition ride for me.  I slowly leave the city and enter the roads of the farming community.  The scenery moves from that of buildings and big residential and commercial areas to that of fields of corn and other crops, barns and farms.  It is a ride that naturally takes me and eases me into and out of each environment.  It is a ride that I use to get my thoughts together, have a phone conversation that won't be interrupted by a "hey momma...", and many times to have a chat with God.  Here is a picture of one amazing day on that road.........

I feel blessed to have the bigger city within my reach but to have my feet planted firmly in the small town.

What a lucky gal I am!


May you find that sweet spot to live your life.

May your spirit be content in that place. 

October 17, 2011 — Sarah Stevens

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