I was asked a question yesterday.  

"What are your goals for success?  What will it look like for you when you feel you are successful?"


I gave a quick answer but have given it alot of thought since.  The "day later" answer is close to my first answer....but much simpler.  

My answer yesterday was this in a nutshell...  

There are 2 different ways that I look at that.  First is that "success" is defined by my contentment.  If I am happy to be doing something I love and that it has a purpose and a mission, then I am successful.  If I can make art that means something to people and speaks to their heart than I am successful.   But there is a big part of me that is a driven gal with big dreams.  I would love to have a booth at a big home show one day.  I would love to have my art licensed.  I would love to have large bulk orders and be sold in boutiques and stores nationwide.  But I try to keep my focus on the first kind of success or the second kind won't feel good.


I was on Pinterest last night (don't judge) and typed in "success".  I found tons of quotes.  Al sampling for you:

The real key to success is enthusiasm.- Walter Chrysler
Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. -Unknown
Success is the best revenge. -Unknown

After pondering these I kept thinking of something.....or someone.  What I ended up with is this....

Success is a 4 letter word. 


A few weeks ago my community lost a woman who I never had the honor of meeting.  She passed away suddenly and WAY too young.  She was not much older than me.  I knew "of" her and one of her daughters was in my son's high school class.  I kept thinking yesterday about how she might define success if asked today in heaven.  I am pretty sure she wouldn't have said anything about bulk orders or nationwide sales.......or profit.....or homes, boats, trips....or things. Pretty darn sure. 


From what I understand there were well over 1000 people at her visitation.  Those were all lives who were touched by her or by those she loved.  Those were all lives that were affected by the warm, loving, funny, thoughtful, amazing woman I am told she was.  Those were lives who ached for her daughters who are, from what I understand, phenomenal young women.  Those were all lives who she loved and loved her. 

I think her answer today would be this...


Success......is L O V E.  A 4 letter word.  Love.  

She loved well.
She was loved well.



That is success.  

So.....I guess I am already successful.
And I am betting you are too. 


May you be successful in life.
May you know the true definition of it.
May you love and be loved. 
October 16, 2013 — Sarah Stevens



Maureen said:

“I would love to have a booth at a big home show one day. I would love to have my art licensed. I would love to have large bulk orders and be sold in boutiques and stores nationwide.” Just ask when you are ready. ; )

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