Love Can Win

I sat blankly staring at the screen of my laptop off and on for hours yesterday. I was frozen with indecision of how to write this blog.  I wasn't sure where or how to start so that I convey my heart of hearts and don't offend or anger people. Instead I wanted to be say some things that are hard, heartfelt, and honest. But because of the current divisiveness in our country I had no idea how to achieve the result I hoped for. So, after some prayer and watercolor art therapy I just started typing... sharing my heart and I hope that you all accept it with the intent it comes with. If you know me at all I think you will. Here goes.....

I am more and more troubled by things that are happening in our country and the leadership we are receiving from the top office of this land.  I do truly understand some things and don't understand others.  


What I understand:

I understand that a large part of America couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton for good reason. 

I understand that a large part of America feels frustrated with the politicians in DC and want a voice that sounds different.

I understand that a large part of America feels we need someone who will bring jobs back to America.

I understand that a large part of America are feeling like they have been forgotten and uncared for.

I understand that a large part of America like the idea of a savvy business person vs a polished politician for our President.

I get it.. I really do.  I actually have many of the same general feelings.  


What I do not understand:

I don't understand that a large part of America is ok with their president not wanting to help people who have been forced out of their homeland.

I don't understand that a large part of America is comfortable with their president commenting on the body of a foreign leader's wife or lewdly eyeing a female reporter in the oval office.

I don't understand that a large part of America is fine with their president playing nuclear war chicken with a crazy tyrannical dictator.

I don't understand that a large part of America is satisfied with their president's disrespectful tweets that lack integrity and high character.

I don't understand that a large part of America is quiet when their president doesn't preside over us all in genuinely and swiftly denouncing evil hate-filled groups who protest, chant inhuman things, carry a swastika flag and intentionally use a car to kill a human being.


This is not a right issue.  This is not a left issue.  This is a human issue.  

This is not about Democrats.  This is not about Republicans.  This is about Humans.

This is not about political talking points.  This is about human listening needs. 

We should never condone the actions of anyone to chant "They will not replace us. Jews will not replace us. Blood and Soil" ever.  

We should never excuse anyone to use a vehicle to run over a human being.

This is not in line with the teachings of Jesus. This is not, in any way, living out the Gospel.  This is not the heart of God. 

We should all be horrified by these things.  


Folks, honestly, I am sad that we are not hearing much from a whole segment of people. I know many good, wonderful, moral folks who voted for Trump and raised their voice when they didn't agree with things Hillary Clinton said or did. They were loud when they thought she had done illegal and immoral things. They were vocal when they didn't like things about President Obama's healthcare program and many other things. I understand these things. But what I don't understand is why they are now quiet when the current leader is behaving in ways that the kind of high character that they demand of themselves and other leaders in the past.  

When someone the likes of David Duke praises the comments and actions of our president and the president doesn't immediately say "I do not side with this man. David Duke does not represent anything that I stand for.  He speaks for evil and I am against that." I am repulsed, worried and incredibly saddened.  

When our president tries to level the playing field and equalize Nazis and White Supremacists with people who protest their hatred-filled stances I am disgusted. I understand that the anti-protesters fought back and used some forms of violence as well and I DO NOT condone that at all. I actually feel it doesn't do any good to fight hate with hate.  So, even though I am not in agreement with the methods I could never, ever, ever put those people on the same plane as those who want to wipe out all humans who are not white.  Never.  And I will not be silent about it either. I am a white Christian woman and I believe that black lives matter, Jewish lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, gay lives matter, Muslim lives matter, and ALL lives matter. I will not stand silent in the face of hatred and evil.  I will not. 


Now I sit here staring at my screen uncertain that it is a good idea to hit "publish".  I worry that you will read this and hear anger and vitriol, not the sadness and concern that are my reality.  I worry that you will read this and discount it because you feel I am a "right-winger" because I like Jesus.  I worry that you will read this and write it off because you feel I am a "left-winger" because I care about immigrants, the LGBTQ community and other "left" things. This is distressing.  I am unsure about letting these thoughts go out into the universe. However, I believe LOVE CAN WIN.  But love can only win if we speak & act in love. Out loud.  So I want you to hear my heart. BUT... I also want to hear from YOU. I want to hear from you all who voted for him but might be disappointed. I want to hear from you all who voted for him but might be angry at his handling of things like Charlottesville.  I want to hear from you all who voted for him but might be frightened by his impulsiveness. I want you to say "I agree with him on many issues and back his policies and hope he moves forward with the great economic plan I voted him in on but this behavior is unacceptable and has to stop". I want to hear you say that you hold this president accountable for the immoral things he has done much like you did previous presidents you felt were lacking character.  I want to hear you speak and act with love. 

I am saddened by all the events in our country and the world.  But I am absolutely heart broken by the silence when it comes to the moral pulse of our land.  


May you be a strong voice for the morality and honor of the USA.

May you speak up when the world needs to hear it.

May you understand (and share) my heartbreak. 

May we never see the hatred of Charlottesville again. 



August 17, 2017 — Sarah Stevens

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