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Our Story

In the beginning..... was the shadowbox frame.   I had always tried to do as many of our Christmas gifts homemade......for budget reasons in the beginning but it ended up being for much bigger reasons.   Family and friends have received hand painted 4th of July signs, 3ft tall snowmen, "stain glass" vases, and many other things before the shadowbox frames arrived.  After that Christmas came requests for more frames....and Cellar Designs was born.

For the past 4 years, Cellar Designs has used all the available real estate within our home to paint wooden planks, sand wood, distress, stencil & varnish art. There is not an inch of tabletop space empty!!  Some people see it as chaos. I see it as perfection. I am fortunate enough to now have a studio space for Cellar Designs so my family can have the dining room table back!  My happy place these days is in the studio listening to my favorite music (Matthew West, Adele, Glee, Mumford & Sons, Harry Connick, Jr, Chris Tomlin, The Civil Wars and more), designing new art and painting.  

I have made hundreds of signs.  I am grateful for every single one.  But the ones that mean the most are for buyers who share their heart and tell me the stories behind the signs.  My favorite so far is the "In This Home" sign that is hanging in a new orphanage in Zambia, built for children who have never experienced the love of a home.  One day I hope to go to Africa, as it is where my heart is pulling me, and see this orphanage myself!

I have always felt there was power in words, warmth in color, strength in typography and an abundance of blessings found in inspired art.  I am amazed daily of how that shows up to be the truth.  What a blessing this shop has been!


Wishing you all the very biggest of blessings,
Sarah Stevens
Cellar Designs